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Insurance & Social Protection

Actors of this market are facing structural changes like climate change or societal behavior evolution over the long term which deeply challenge their business and organizational model

Designing and deploying your platform strategy

The creation of a real partnership with the customer becomes essential, by instantiating its ecosystem based on universes at the heart of its concerns

Distributing additionnal professional pension funds

With numerous advantages for both insurers and policyholders, the additionnal professional pension funds (Fonds de Retraite Professionnelle Supplémentaire — FRPS) is attracting more and more insurers with as a way to ring-fence their retirement commitments.

Improving workstations’ efficiency

The efficiency of work stations is a key factor in operational efficiency, through optimal access to the company’s data and applications, based on a fluid and secure user experience.

Steering your project portfolio by value

Improving operational performance through the development of a frugal project culture to ensure tangible, value-generating results.

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