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Our unique blend of Experience, Expertise, Team structure and Culture ensures Business leaders and COO’s success from Business Strategy to Go Live.

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dealing with business transformation, technology and, even more importantly, internal and external stakeholders management: the typical COO and Business leaders challenge

  • Experience

    Our Founders are former Senior Partners from the largest Consulting firms. We know the strengths as well as the structural and operational weaknesses of traditional players

  • Team Structure

    Our team structure is different with 5 staff to 1 Partner and a 50/50 ratio between the Partner, Senior Manager, Manager group and the Senior Consultant, Consultant group

  • Expertise

    Our teams know our clients business well. They also are trained to the best Consulting skills, including to our proprietary methodologies and tools

  • Culture

    Our Partners are strongly involved in the delivery of our complex engagements, securing results for our clients and growing our teams quickly at the same time: a virtuous circle

  • Entrepreneur

    We are entrepreneurs, result oriented, value driven, independent

With this unique combination we maximize chances of success

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MLETR: The boost to foster Trade Finance digitalization

France is about to adopt a law based on the MLETR, United Nations model law to allow legal use of electronic format for transferable documents. For global trade actors, this may be the additional nudge to broaden digitalization of the Trade Finance activity, resulting in time, cost, and security benefits.

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