Our CSR policy is based on three pillars:

Being a challenging but fair employer, an ethical partner and a climate concerned player, in favor of sustainable development

Fair Employer

We are committed to being an employer who cares about the development of his employees and the quality of life at work, both of which guarantee well-being and excellence

A culture and processes that ensure fairness and promote a policy of diversity and equal opportunity

Personal development through personalised support (mentoring), a training program and a continuous performance assessment system with clear objectives and feedbacks delivered by senior team members

Ethical Partner

Convinced of the importance of acting well at every link in the value chain, we have developed a set of policies to serve our customers and act ethically with our business partners and suppliers:

Dedicated service line for communicating extra-financial topics and building sustainable transition plans

Implementing a balanced relationship with our customers, business partners and suppliers

Raising awareness of business ethics

Climate concerned

Concerned about climate change and the energy transition, we are committed to:

Regularly assessing the carbon footprint of the company, and implementing an action plan to control our energy impact

Raising team awareness of environmental issues through the climate fresk

Implemanting sustainable mobility policy