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Mobilize technology to create value. We combine our IT and business expertises for business innovation and transformation of IT functions

IT Strategy : accelerate value creation for business

At the heart of the digital exponential growth, IT Departments must rethink their role and strategy to position themselves as a privileged economical partner for Business and to adopt a Business Centric posture.

Operational and financial performance of the IT Department

The IT Department’s new role as a privileged economic partner of the Business, and the adoption of a Business Centric posture, require a review of its operational and financial model.

IT Innovation for Business

As drivers of innovation, CIOs need to collaborate with business units upstream of strategic thinking, to develop an innovation dynamic that is locally adapted and globally consistent.

Data & AI roadmap

Structuring a dedicated data & AI roadmap and mobilising the associated resources — human, organisational and technical — are key success factors if we are to exploit the full potential of these technologies.

Cybersecurity governance & compliance

With the massive increase of cyber attacks and the reinforcement of regulatory framework, companies need to drastically strengthen their cybersecurity governance and treat these regulatory constraints as an opportunity to increase their competitive advantage.

Green IT

Against a backdrop of ever-increasing digital impact on the environment, IT Departments are in the front line when it comes to meeting the challenge of responsible corporate development.

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